Results from training require your time and effort. To encourage a high level of commitment, I only offer packages of sessions. I do not train people for single sessions.

* A training friend will ramp up your motivation, build in an accountability buddy and reduce the cost of your training significantly. Semi-private sessions are limited to two people. Prices listed for semi-private training are totals, not per person.

* If you are interested in group training, please contact me to discuss further options.



This 45-minute session includes:

  • Assessment of your movement and fitness level

  • Discussion about broad hopes and frustrations, specific goals and limitations, and what you can expect from training with me

  • Written feedback for realistic steps to make towards your goals (workout options, lifestyle adjustments, specific exercises)

  • If you decide to purchase a training package with me, I waive the cost of this initial session $100




Square One is for people who are motivated to begin or re-establish their physical practice but need some guidance and help getting there. This program builds in more long-term commitment and consistency, setting you up for success as you create real training habits, accomplish specific goals and endeavors (a hiking trip, a race, doing your first chin-up), or return to a fitness routine after a major life event or injury. 

  • 24 60-minute training sessions (2 x per week)

  • 12 week commitment 

  • Programming specific to your body, goals, and needs

  • Additional programming for 2 extra training days on your own

  • Text and email support

  • Steep discount on training

Private Square One:  $840/4 weeks ($105/session), OR $2400 /12 weeks ($100/session)

Semi-Private Square One: $960/4 weeks ($120/session) OR $2760/12 weeks ($115/session)



  • 5 60-minute training sessions

  • Programming specific to your body, goals, needs

  • Text and email support

5 PRIVATE SESSIONS, $600 (120/session), 3 month expiration

5 SEMI-PRIVATE SESSIONS, $675 ($135/session), 3 month expiration


  • 10 60-minute training sessions

  • Programming specific to your body, goals, needs

  • Additional programming for 1 extra training day on your own

  • Text and email support

10 Private Sessions, $1100 ($110/session), 6 month expiration

10 Semi-Private Sessions, $1250 ($125/session), 6 month expiration