“Training with Naomi has made a huge difference in my life. Her guidance has helped me come back from a devastating acl, mcl, and meniscus rupture that could have cost me my firefighting career. With Naomi’s expertise, I am rebuilding my body stronger than ever and have picked up the pace towards full recovery. I couldn’t have asked for a better athletic trainer.” - FF KING, FDNY

“Blessed to have worked with Naomi for 2 years as both Muay Thai coach and PT. She not only has a deep knowledge of both exercise science and nutrition but is a great communicator who was able to help me reach my potential both physically and otherwise. Naomi got me into the best physical shape I’ve been in and was able to do it in an engaging and supportive way which left me feeling empowered and not beaten down after training. Highly recommended.” - Joe, Entrepreneur